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Welcome to my little site.
Here's where I'll upload my art, graphics and photography! 



I'm a hobby-cartoonist from Northern Sweden.
I've studied both art and photography and generally love to create! 
Currently in the process of writing and illustrating my first childrens book. 


Q: Is it okay to repost or use your art as my profile picture?
A: Yes!

Q: Can you draw me something? / Do you do commissions? 
A: Yup! There's a button below that leads to my Fiverr page with more info.


Q: What program do you use?
A: Procreate on my iPad Pro.

Q: Can I copy/redraw your works?
A: As long as it's not commissioned work that I don't own, yes. Credit is appreciated, of course.

Q: Can I edit your works?
A: I'd appreciate it if you don't. Sorry. - since 2021.

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